Charging robot CHARbO now one step closer to roll-out (video)


Alveri presents its next-gen charging robot. Initially conceived with TU Graz and Arti Robots, the Charbo is one step closer to series production. Or one slide – the vehicle carrying the charging arm has come unplugged and runs on a rail.

Alveri suggests their autonomous charging robot could replace up to 20 charging stations in future. Real-life testing at select customers will start next year, with series production set in 2024.

Charbo first made the news in 2021, however, with restrictions. The prototype Alveri presented with TU Graz and Arti Robots that summer still had a cable to supply power to the mobile unit. At the same time, the partners were already thinking about taking the machine “offline” and onto electricity via ground contact. This has now been achieved. The modular rail the latest prototypes runs on can span 20 to 100 metres, depending on client requirements.

Technically, Charbo delivers 50 kW and claims the capacity to charge up to 20 electric cars standing quite literally in a row. The robot arm plugs into one EV after another – grid-friendly and easy on resources; however, time-consuming since there is no simultaneous charging.

At the same time, Alveri always targeted multi-storey car parks or larger business parking areas as main operation areas for Charbo, basically anywhere electric cars remain standing for some time.

Alveri wants to go into serial distribution with its partner Salzburg AG. According to today’s news, clients interested in installing autonomous charging may contact the company directly.

The brothers Ehsan Zadmard (CEO) and Jakob Zadmard (COO) founded Alveri in 2019. Apart from Charbo, the startup is working on GPS tracking to determine whether a driver could switch to electric driving. The company also mentions a new concept electric car, Falco. Alveri claims to rely on “refurbishing” to prolong the lifecycle of likely any EV but has yet to disclose details.

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