Kempower & Terminal Group fast charge Estonia

Finnish charging hardware manufacturer Kempower is equipping Terminal Group petrol stations across Estonia with fast charging stations. In the first phase, 73 Kempower charging points will be installed at 25 locations along Estonia’s main roads.

Each location will offer at least 150 kW of charging power and will be offered under the brand name “eTerminal”, Terminal Group’s eMobility brand. The first stage will involve 25 stations along major highways in an effort to improve Estonia’s EV charging infrastructure.

The project is co-financed by the EU and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. After this initial period, Kempower and eTerminal have said they will install more chargers at all Terminal Group service stations and the number of charging points at live locations according to demand. It remains unclear whether these further charging stations will then be financed from the companies’ own funds or other funding programmes.

Kuldar Assmann, a Board Member at eTerminal, said: “Kempower caught our eye with its futureproof take on EV charging and dynamic power management, which optimizes charging curves. Our combined expertise and shared commitment to the energy transition make us the ideal team to build charging stations for a greener future in Estonia.”

In July this year, Kempower launched a liquid-cooled satellite charger for heavy-duty EVs. Here, the satellite system comprises a C-Series charging power unit that distributes power to four double or eight single satellites resulting in a maximum of eight charging spots. Inside the cabinet, 1 to 4 Kempower power modules each provide 40 kW of charging power. Overall, up to twelve modules can be installed in one charging power unit.

In September just passed, the company scored contracts to supply charging stations in Australia, Romania and Sweden. These orders included both fast-charging stations for electric cars and electric trucks. Each Kempower station can provide up to 150 kW of power at two charge points, and the company stresses that upgrading to 200 kW and four plugs is possible.

The chargers now being installed in Estonia are the Kempower Power Units with Satellite systems and Station Chargers. These will ensure a minimum of 150 kW of charging power at each location.,


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