Kempower scores deals in Australia, Romania and Sweden

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The Finnish charging hardware manufacturer Kempower has received several new orders. These comprise fast-charging stations for e-cars and electric trucks, with some being expected as far as Down Under.

Jet Charge has ordered 42 fast chargers from Kempower for the EV Highway in Western Australia. Each Kempower station can provide up to 150 kW of power at two charge points, and the company stresses that upgrading to 200 kW and four plugs is possible. This is the C-Station model,i.e. not the well-known S-Station with particularly slim charge points. Jet Charge selected the Kempower C-Station for the EV Highway project because of its robust design, dynamic energy management, high voltage and practical experience.

The Australian EV Highway is one of the world’s most extended single infrastructure projects for electric vehicles and stretches over 5,300 kilometres. 98 charging stations at 49 locations, each no more than 200 kilometres apart, currently form the charging corridor with stations coming from various suppliers.

Staying within the larger scale, Kempower also provides 15 stations for Sweden’s largest and most powerful e-truck charging hub in Gothenburg. The company Göteborgs Lastbilcentral (GLC) has already started building the hub, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2022.

“The new GLC charging hub is another example of how the electrification of truck and logistics operations can be achieved through Nordic cooperation,” said Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower. He added that Kempower specifically designed its cloud-based charge management system, Kempower ChargEye, to optimise the total cost of ownership for operators. “A key factor for GLC was dynamic vehicle charging that meets both overnight and daytime charging needs,” he said.

While not explicitly stated, Kempower will likely install its new liquid-cooled fast-charging system with 400 kW continuous power for heavy-duty vehicles based on their ”S-series”. It comprises satellite charging columns for electric cars and buses with dynamic power distribution, as reported.

Drivers can pay via a dedicated app or their regular fuel card when charging at the GLC depot.

Meanwhile, in Romania, the MOL Group is installing Kempower charging stations, each with 200 kW of power, at 14 petrol stations along the A1 and A2 motorways. Ten pit stops already boast the Kempower fast chargers, with the remaining four to follow shortly.

“Given the success of our partnership with TSG and MOL Group and the speed at which the first two service stations were opened, we’re confident that the remainder of this project will be carried out swiftly,” said Ristimäki. It is Kempower’s first engagement in Romania. (Australia), (Romania), (Sweden)


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