Citroën presents new C5 Aircross PHEV variant

Citroën has presented another plug-in hybrid variant for its C5 Aircross. The 180 e-EAT8 with 132 kW system power complements the previously available PHEV version 225 e-EAT8. But there is also an update for the more powerful PHEV.

The C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid 180 e-EAT8 combines a 110 kW petrol engine and an 81 kW electric motor, both driving the front axle. Thus, the 132 kW PHEV does not differ in terms of engines from the 165 kW version – their interaction, however, is controlled differently by the software. Stellantis quotes the price at 43,650 euros.

Nevertheless, there are differences that go beyond the software: Citroën says the 132 kW PHEV relies on an “optimised next-generation 12.4 kWh battery consisting of 84 cells”. With the 11.3 kWh net usable capacity, up to 58 kilometres of purely electric driving should be possible. However, the slightly revised 165 kW PHEV uses a battery consisting of 96 cells with an energy content of 14.2 kWh (12.9 kWh net), which increases the electric range by almost 15 per cent to 64 kilometres.

Incidentally, the electric range of the technically closely related Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8 has also changed, increasing to 63 kilometres. However, this is not due to the larger battery from the equally powerful C5 Aircross – the C5 X “only” uses the battery with 84 cells and 12.4 kWh. Here, only the battery management has been adapted.

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about „Citroën presents new C5 Aircross PHEV variant“
08.11.2022 um 01:53
This will likely be the basis for the next generation Jeep Cherokee 4xe. The EMP2 that underpins this vehicle is being heavily modified to become the STAL-medium that will be ICE/PHEV/BEV. All of Stelantis’ brands will move to it. Even the new Alfa Romeo Tonale/Dodge Hornet will move over after a couple years.

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