Nov 21, 2022 - 03:09 pm

Buick files data to release first E-SUV in China

Buick is getting ready to enter China with a new EV model. An application to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology contains the first pictures and info. The battery supplier surprises while other technology comes from GM.

The electric SUV based on GM’s Ultium platform will be called Buick Electra E5 and have a motor with an output of 180 kW. The NMC battery, whose capacity is unknown, will come from CATL. In the North American models based on the Ultium, GM relies on its own cells from the joint venture with LG Energy Solution. LGES also has manufacturing facilities in China, so the switch to CATL is somewhat surprising.

In terms of design, the Buick Electra E5 is reminiscent of the Electra X study, albeit (as usual) toned-down. This includes, for example, the very narrow headlights. Nevertheless, the Buick is quickly recognisable as a pure electric vehicle. The front is almost completely covered, and a radiator grille is only slightly hinted at via a pattern.

In the USA, Buick has registered the model names Electra E1 to Electra E9. The Electra E5 is, therefore, likely to be launched in the USA, along with several other electric models. In June 2022, the Buick brand announced its transition to an all-electric car manufacturer by the end of this decade.

As a rule, there won’t be significant changes between the model submitted to the MIIT and the production vehicle. The market launch usually takes place within a few months after registration with the ministry. Prices are not yet known.

In the USA, Buick has registered the model designations Electra E1 to Electra E9. So the Electra E5 is likely to be launched in the US (or at least a model with the same name), as are several other electric models. The Buick brand announced in June 2022 its transformation to an all-electric car manufacturer by the end of this decade.

Additional reporting by Sebastian Schaal. (Electra E5), (registration)


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