Nio launches new ES6 edition in China


Nio has launched a new edition of its ES6 in China. The ES6 is the company’s best-selling model on the Chinese market and has now been converted to the new NT 2.0 platform.

In February this year, Nio said it would be phasing out the models based on the first generation of its electric car platform. This affects the 2022 model year ES8, ES6 and EC6, which are still based on the NT 1.0 platform. The models of its new NT 2.0 platform are the sedans ET5 and ET7, the new coupe SUV EC7 introduced in early January, the revised large SUV ES8 and the smaller SUV model ES7, which Nio recently started delivering in Europe under the name EL7.

The new Nio ES6 starts in China at prices starting at 368,000 yuan (around 48,500 euros) and is thus slightly cheaper than its predecessor. Which is Nio’s least expensive SUV in China. Two battery sizes are offered with 75 and 100 kWh capacity for ranges of 490 and 625 kilometres, respectively, according to Chinese standards. The semi-solid battery pack from Nio with a capacity of 150 kWh will follow in July and will allow a range of 930 kilometres.

The Shanghai-based company has suffered a drop in sales over the past few months as potential customers waited for the new ES6, which accounts for 45 per cent of its overall sales.

As detailed in Nio’s European launch last year, the company communicates intensively with its customers through its app and various other communication and lifestyle offers. Here, on the app in China, Nio revealed that it has already begun production of the new ES6 based, and deliveries will begin today, the 25 May.


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