VW built an EV office chair

VW Norway has built an electrically powered office chair from commercial vehicle parts. This is up to 20 km/h fast and offers a range of twelve kilometres. The electric office chair has LED lights, a driver assistance and infotainment system, a heated seat, some storage space for laptop and documents and even a trailer hitch to pull other employees to the coffee machine or meetings.

The driving assistance systems are no mere gimmick, but nevertheless have a (theoretically) serious background, according to the not entirely serious statements on the Norwegian VW website: “The office can be a risky place, with bosses and colleagues sneaking up on you all the time. With office assistants such as rear view cameras and 360° sensors, you can keep an eye on all threats and disturbances,” it says.

Or further: The chair has a practical storage space on the back of a whopping 0.005 m3 . You have room for a laptop as well as for business reports and other office-related documents. If you need to transport additional documents from A to B, the chair is of course equipped with a trailer hitch.”

However, VW Norway points to a manageable range of twelve kilometres. For longer distances, they would recommend, for example, the ID. Buzz. But that will remain a theoretical recommendation, as, unfortunately, VW’s electric office chair is not available for purchase. However, the one-off is to be “available for test drives at locations throughout Norway” in the coming months.



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