GM to launch EV offensive in China by 2025


General Motors has announced the launch of more than 15 electric models based on its Ultium platform in China by 2025. Following the already available Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV, GM is planning a broad range of Ultium-based models across brands, segments and body styles for the Chinese market.

In addition to the Lyriq, which has been delivered to customers in China since September, this will include the second electric Cadillac model, Celestiq, as well as the first Ultium-based Buick model. This is the Buick Electra E5, for which the first pictures and information were recently published in a registration application at the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The model is to be officially presented at the end of this year and delivered from the first half of 2023.

Buick is also planning a second electric car with Ultium drive for 2023, but no further details are known about this model yet. With the FNR-XE Concept, GM also presented a preview of the Chevrolet brand’s first electric sedan. The study is supposed to give a “preview of Chevrolet’s new generation of intelligently connected electric vehicles”, which have been developed specifically for the Chinese market. This includes making the vehicles more software-defined “to meet customers’ evolving needs for a digital lifestyle”, as GM puts it in the release.

GM plans to introduce a platform for such software-defined vehicles in North America and China next year. This platform is to make it possible to offer “frequent and seamless updates of apps and services over the air”. In this way, the US company wants to ensure that customers and users have access to the “most innovative experiences and technologies”.

“GM is accelerating the introduction of Ultium-empowered EVs in China to support the market’s move toward an all-electric future,” said Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “Through global collaboration and local integration, we are unlocking a transformative experience with real-world benefits for our customers through zero-emission driving.”

The model offensive has been developed towards GM’s global vision of “zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion”, according to the GM China Tech Day 2022 announcement in Shanghai. As a result, the 15 electric models will also be made “more connected and smarter”.

“With our disruptive technologies coming to life, we are seeing the most profound and immense transformation ever in the automotive industry,” said Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive. “GM is determined to lead the transformation and ultimately create a better, safer and more sustainable world for our customers and generations to come.” (Tech Day), (Buick-Pläne), (Studie FNR-XE Concept)


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