Tesla is also recalling cars in China


There are two more recalls for Tesla, this time in China. One of the actions concerns a problem with the battery management software of 67,698 imported Model S and Model X, which can lead to a loss of power. The other is more serious, as it pertains to seat belt issues.

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The first problem can be fixed via a software update. The second action, however, concerns 2,736 imported and 10,127 Chinese-made Model 3s that are being physically recalled due to a possible problem with the seat belts.

Update 01 December 2022

The Tesla recall series is far from ending. Adding to the recent recalls in China, the company says another 435,000 Tesla electric cars in China are affected. The issue is a possibly faulty lighting system but can be fixed with a software update. Specifically, 142,277 Model 3 and 292,855 Model Y are affected.

The recalls in China follow a string of incidents in the US, where Tesla issued 19 recall campaigns this year. Most were solved with an OTA update; however, the NHTSA insists on manufacturers issuing official recalls either way.



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