Eni expands electric carsharing service Enjoy in Italy

The Italian energy company Eni has launched the electric carsharing service Enjoy in more Italian cities after Turin. The zero-emission fleet relies on the small car Yoyo designed by XEV in Italy.

Eni, formerly known as an oil company and petrol station operator, first started working with XEV at the latter’s headquarters in Turin. Towards the end of last year, the companies made a deal which called for the Yoyo EV to become part of the Enjoy fleet, Eni’s car-sharing service.

Following the launch in Turin in May this year, Eni has now electrified the fleets in other Italien cities, namely Bologna, Florence and Milan. Milan will have the largest fleet of Yoyo electric cars with 200 set to enter service before the year’s end, alongside 900 conventional cars. In Bologna and Florence, Enjoy includes 50 free-floating cars in each fleet. In Florence, the new EVs will make for a third of the fleet (total 150) and for a smaller share in Bologna (fleet total 205).

The fleet is free floating since the XEV small car enables battery swaps which Eni has taken on. In Milan for example, nine Eni service stations have been set up and will be operational for this purpose in the upcoming weeks, so the company.

Eni further describes the XEV Yoyo as a fully electric city car with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of up to 150 km. There is also a sunroof, and the car being small and agile, Eni considers it the ideal car for city centres.

Indeed, the Italian start-up unveiled its 3D-printed mini EV at the IAA Mobility last year ready for series production. For Enjoy car-sharing services, the already quirky vehicles also come in eye-catching lime green colour.

In terms of spec, the two-seater that is 2.53 metres short and weighs only 450 kilograms (without battery). A permanent synchronous motor on the rear axle, which offers 7.5 continuous and 15 kW peak power drives the Yoyo. This is combined with a replaceable LFP battery with 10.4 kWh and 77 volts.

As for Enjoy, users can rent electric vehicles via the carsharing’s app available for Android, iOS and Huawei. XEV YOYO city cars comes at the same rate as other cars in the fleet and cost €0.29/min to rent with a fixed fee of €1.00 for unlocking the vehicle at the beginning of the rental.

The Enjoy service is available in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome; Eni will also introduce electric cars in Rome in the coming months so that all services areas will include EVs.

eni.com (Milan), eni.com (Bologna), eni.com (Florence)


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