VW launches software update for the ID.4 in the USA

Volkswagen of America has started a new update programme for ID.4 software, which is to bring performance improvements and new features. The updates will improve charging and system performance on model year 21, and some model year 22 vehicles.

The charging performance is to help users make more of the three years of free charging on Electrify America networks, both in terms of charging performance, as well as actually finding the chargers.

The other improvements include ‘Auto Hold’, which allows drivers to bring the vehicle to a complete stop and release the brake pedal to enable Auto Hold to secure the vehicle from rolling away until the accelerator pedal is engaged once again. Additionally, battery information is communicated with the state of charge percentage added to the existing battery icon and range shown in the display on the infotainment system now.

“The ID.4 has been very successful for Volkswagen—both in bringing new customers into the brand and in introducing traditional ICE drivers to EVs,” said Andrew Savvas, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Volkswagen North American Region. “We’re excited to upgrade the software in MY21 and certain MY22 ID.4s to enhance the user experience.”

However, the update will not be done over-the-air, and Volkswagen of America plans to “contact owners of MY21 vehicles requesting that they book in-person appointments with their local dealers for the software update and replacement of the vehicle’s 12-volt battery. Owners of a limited population of MY22 vehicles will be notified soon regarding next steps for updates to their vehicles”.



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