ADS-TEC chargers behind a new network in the Netherlands


EV charging companies 50five Group and NXT Mobility have signed an agreement to build a fast charging network in the Netherlands together. They envision running 150 to 200 locations by 2030, focusing on underserved areas.

To install fast-charging hubs at sites with strained grids or low-voltage areas, they will use the battery-boosted systems by ADS-TEC Energy which NXT Mobility distributes in Benelux.

“In many places in the Netherlands, the power grid capacity is insufficient to offer fast charging,” explains Erik Metselaar, director of NXT Mobility. He added they saw “enormous potential” for the ADS-TEC systems distributed by NXT, enabling “super fast charging up to 320 kW even with a small consumer connection using a battery buffer,” so Metselar.

The ADS-TEC ChargeBox does not require a high-voltage connection but charges continuously from the available distribution grid and stores energy in the battery to boost charging power up to 320 kilowatts.

As for 50five, the group says it is one of the largest charging infrastructure providers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

The now-agreed cooperation with NXT shall see the first locations operational early next year. The hubs will run under the NXT Charge label with green accents of the 50five house style.

The 50five CEO, Manfred Klumpenaar, said they were “looking forward to making a significant contribution to the successful electrification of the Dutch commercial and passenger car fleet with the collaboration between NXT Mobility and 50five, especially in areas where the limited power grid capacity creates a barrier.”

Their approach is similar to GP Joule’s, which focuses on the Dach region but also relies on ADS-TEC Energy stations. In concrete terms, GP Joule has ordered 30 ChargePost and ten ChargeBox Ultra systems from ADS-TEC to deploy throughout 2023. ADS-TEC introduced the ChargePost in May and opened the order books in Europe a few days ago, as reported.


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