ADS-TEC Energy launches sales of battery-boosted ChargePost

ADS-TEC Energy has opened the order books in Europe for clients to order the company’s ChargePost system with integrated buffer battery, first announced in May. This time, the company delivers all details customers may need to know but one.

When announcing the new system this spring and with a launch set for autumn, ADS-TEC Energy had advertised ChargePost as a system that “combines the battery storage, charging electronics as well as the two charging columns” in an “all-in-one” system. It was designed to offer HPC in remote locations without the need to extend grid connections. What was missing were technical details which have been out today.

The ADS-TEC Energy ChargePost comes with two high-power connections that can deliver up to 300 kW to one vehicle or 150 kW to two cars charging simultaneously. The integrated charging cable with an uncooled CCS1/CCS2 connector is at least three meters long.

In addition, the system has between 144 and 201 kWh of backup battery capacity. According to ADS-TEC, the buffer takes less than two square metres of floor space (21.5 sqft.), indeed positioning it among the more compact HPC systems on the market. Clients may replace the battery modules individually if required, and the control system optimises operations.

Clients may also opt to add one or two 75-inch advertising displays, a feature the company had incorporated from the start. What is more, it also includes a payment terminal.

There are also new details on the set-up, which ADS-TEC considers simple and quick, but by forklift. The ChargePost then connects directly to the existing, low-voltage grid, making the installation ideal for gas stations, car dealerships, transport logistics companies, office and commercial buildings, and fleet operators, so the company. They also mention large residential buildings where ChargePost may replace AC wall chargers, which cannot be installed in sufficient numbers everywhere.

New is the option to make the battery-stored energy available to the grid. ADS-TEC aims to open V2G capacity in early 2023. This is also the time of the previously scheduled US launch, although the company only mentions “soon” in today’s communications. Also unmentioned remains the price for the system.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, said the solution would support the transition to electric vehicles and accelerate the expansion of charging infrastructure throughout Europe and the US. “ChargePost delivers a new level of excellence for EV charging, combining the highest charging power with high-end quality materials and large displays in a battery-stored, all-in-one charging solution.”

ADS-TEC Energy is publicly listed on NASDAQ (“ADS-TEC Energy”) and serves as a holding company for ads-tec Energy GmbH, incorporated in Germany as “ADSE GM”. Their US subsidiary is ads-tec Energy GmbH (“ADSE US”). It develops and manufactures battery storage solutions and fast charging systems, including its energy management systems, with the batteries being made in-house in Germany.,


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