Dec 14, 2022 - 04:13 pm

Siemens locates plant for chargers in Carrollton, Texas

In the USA, the German engineering giant Siemens has selected a site for its second US electric mobility manufacturing hub. The facility is meant to enable the goal of manufacturing more than a million EV chargers for US markets over the next three years.

The facility will be located in Carrollton in Texas. The already existing plant on the site that covers 80,000 square feet (around 7432 square metres) is to be retrofitted. The company says this will enable it to “ramp up quickly to meet significant EV market and customer demand.”

“In the next decade, the United States will need millions of chargers to support the rise in EV adoption. With this investment, Siemens is continuing to grow our US EV charging manufacturing footprint to help answer this call and continue preparing the nation’s infrastructure as we steadily head to an all-electric future,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens eMobility North America. “We’re committed to bringing production closer to where it’s needed so we can meet the growing demand for EV chargers quickly while also creating high-skilled, quality manufacturing jobs and supporting regional supply chains.”

The region is already quite familiar to Siemens since several of the company’s facilities are already located in the area, such as its manufacturing hub in Grand Prairie, where it develops equipment that supports essential power infrastructure, along with the company’s EV charging distribution centre in Southhaven in the nearby state of Mississippi.

In August last year, Siemens announced it would expand its US operations to support charging infrastructure in America. The company said that the VersiCharge product line of commercial and residential EV chargers will be key for the company to manufacture over one million such chargers for the US over the next four years.

At the now-located site in Carrollton, Texas, Siemens will manufacture its new Buy American-compliant Level 2 AC electric vehicle charger, VersiCharge Blue.

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