Berlin fire brigade goes hybrid


The Berlin Fire Brigade is procuring the next electrified emergency vehicles from Rosenbauer. The order includes, among other things, four units of the hybrid fire-fighting vehicle “Revolutionary Technology” (RT) in the Berlin configuration as eLHF. In addition, there will be an electric appliance vehicle with a Volvo chassis.

As is well known, the Rosenbauer RT was co-developed by the Berlin Fire Brigade and realised together with Rosenbauer as part of an innovation partnership lasting several years. After a successful trial operation over thirteen months at three fire stations, it became apparent that 90 per cent of the almost 1,400 operations could be handled purely electrically. Therefore, according to the Rosenbauer press release, the decision was made in Berlin to “move into the future with this vehicle”.

Seven firefighters are on board an eLHF. It transports 1,200 litres of water and 100 litres of foam agent. With its built-in fire pump and foam proportioning system, the vehicle is equipped for the demands of a large city fire brigade. In addition to the extinguishing technology, the eLHF also has equipment for a variety of small technical operations.

With one electric motor per axle, the vehicle has all-wheel drive. With the compact electric motors, it was also possible to implement steering on both axles, which should make the RT particularly manoeuvrable for its size. In addition, the chassis can be adjusted so that the ground clearance can be set at three levels. In the case of fire-fighting technology, the pumps are driven either mechanically by diesel or electrically by a generator.

In addition to the four RTs, Rosenbauer is also building an electrically powered equipment vehicle (GW) for the Berlin fire brigade. This brings cleaning and changing facilities to the scene of operations, has a two-part, upright walk-on superstructure for soiled or clean clothing and is built on an electric series chassis from Volvo.



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