ABB announces new home wallbox charger

ABB E-Mobility has announced a new AC charging solution for the home that will go on sale later this year. At the at CES in Las Vegas, the Swiss-Swedish company revealed a special feature: The new ABB Terra Home wallbox can automatically give preference to electricity from renewable sources.

With the new renewable energy feature, ABB E-Mobility wants to make it easier for its customers to reduce their own carbon footprint. As part of a global study commissioned by the company, 90 per cent of respondents said they felt a responsibility to act more sustainably, something the company has now made easier when customers charge their electric cars with the new wallbox.

ABB has not specified the wallbox charging capacity, but it is likely to differ depending on the market in which it is released. In the USA, there are different conditions on public grids to those in Europe. The Terra Home will support Plug&Charge, which enables automatic communication between the vehicle and the charger. This means only the owner can charge their vehicle without further authentication via app or RFID card, even if the wallbox has to be installed in a freely accessible location.

The cloud connection should not only enable remote maintenance by ABB experts but the Terra Home can also be kept up to date via firmware updates. The charging status can be read via the ABB E-Mobility app, which can also be used for authentication.

Another special feature is the simple design and the wide range of housings in which the ABB wallbox will be offered. Instead of the metal housing often used for wallboxes, there is also a wood-look variant. ABB has not yet revealed prices for the Terra Home and the possible customisation.

“As we mark the start of yet another pivotal year in our drive to enable a low-carbon society, the survey results demonstrate that drivers are ready and willing to make the journey alongside us,” said Leon van de Pas, senior vice president of the Destination Charging business line at ABB E-Mobility. “Offering unprecedented user choice, the new Terra Home provides the flexibility for an even greater number of people to simply and stylishly embrace the transition to electric mobility.”