Hertz Electrifies launches major EV fleet in Denver

Image: Hertz

Rental car company Hertz announced a new public-private partnership called Hertz Electrifies in the USA. Starting in Denver, Colorada, Hertz aspires to work with US mayors to bring thousands of electric cars and data-based infrastructure into American cities as part of a larger scheme.

Hertz Electrifies will start by bringing no less than 5,200 rental EVs to Hertz customers and rideshare drivers in Denver. In partnership with BP Pulse, the company also plans to increase charging capacity at the Denver International Airport and Hertz locations by installing a mix of Level 2 and fast chargers. However, future roll-outs will be informed by Hertz’s telematics system.

“This partnership with Hertz will provide invaluable data about where we need charging infrastructure the most, as well as provide new opportunities with this new technology to create good-paying jobs for our current and future workforce,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

Said opportunities regard Hertz also pledging to develop a workforce training curriculum focused on servicing and maintaining EVs with local partner institutions. These will be the Montbello Career and Technical High School and Youth employment programmes in Denver.

The company also lists broadening economic opportunity among the goals of Hertz Electrifies as rideshare drivers may rent electric vehicles with flexible contracts leading to potentially higher rates and lower fuel costs.

Hertz has been running this model already in a private partnership with Uber. In January, it announced delivering 25,000 electric cars for rideshare drivers to rent long-term in Europe, as reported.
In the US, Uber and Hertz have offered their EV package since October 2021. They claim nearly 50,000 drivers had rented a Tesla through the program, completing more than 24 million fully-electric trips and over 260 million electric miles at the end of 2022.

The difference is Hertz is now seeking public-private partnership, further promising to partner with cities and nonprofit organizations to put EVs and other vehicles into service in underserved communities. We are waiting to hear whether the deal with Denver includes funding or other privileges for Hertz.

The company also has yet to name the following cities to launch new EV fleets or how many electric cars Hertz targets to distribute. Some indication may come from headlines Hertz made in 2021 when it ordered up to 340,000 electric cars from TeslaPolestar and General Motors, so there may be availability to spare.

“Electric vehicles are poised to transform the future of mobility,” said Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr. “That’s why Hertz is investing in the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America and bringing a new driving experience to leisure and business customers, as well as rideshare drivers.

Hertz says it has tens of thousands of EVs available at more than 500 locations across 38 states.



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