Tariff changes at Mercedes Me Charge


Mercedes-Benz will adjust charging rates for its Mercedes Me Charge service from 01 March, mostly upwards. Among other things, charging at Ionity high-power station will get significantly more expensive in two of the three tariffs.

The Ionity rate in the Mercedes Me Charge L tariff will rise from 35 cents to 55 cents per kilowatt hour and in the Mercedes Me Charge M tariff from 49 to 65 cents. This corresponds to an increase of 57 per cent for the L tariff and 32 per cent for the M tariff. The rates for occasional ultra-rapid chargers (S tariff) and the ad hoc price at Ionity charging stations remain unchanged at 79 cents per kWh.

At the same time, Mercedes will no longer distinguish between the DC station of other operators and high-power charging at Ionity in the M and L tariffs. This means all forms of rapid charging will now cost 55 cents (up from 39 cents in L; +41 per cent) and 65 cents (up from 49 cents; +32 per cent) in the M tariff. The blocking fee of 20 cents per minute after 60 minutes on the DC charger remains the same.

The price increase for AC charging is more moderate: For Mercedes Me Charge L, 36 cents instead of 33 cents per kWh will be charged from March, plus a blocking fee of 6 cents per minute after three hours between 8 am and 9 pm. Mercedes me Charge M will be charged 42 instead of 39 cents per kWh at the AC charger; the regulation on the blocking fee corresponds to the L tariff.

One price reduction: Mercedes will charge L users a base of only €12.90 per month from 1 March 2023, down from €17.90, so at 28% price drop. Anyone who buys a new battery electric car from Mercedes can use this tariff for one year without monthly charges. The M tariff still costs €4.90 per month; here the basic fee is waived for PHEV customers for one year.

We have hardly touched on the S tariff at this point, as it offers little added value as before (apart from easy access to charging points). There are no monthly fees, but the costs for AC and DC charging can vary depending on the operator of the charging station, and there are no price advantages for ad-hoc charging with Ionity either.

Mercedes presented the three-part tariff system in April 2022.

Reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany. (in German),


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