Xpeng prepares to launch models in China & Europe

The electric car manufacturer Xpeng is planning two new and three revised models in China this year. In Europe, the introduction of two more models is imminent. According to an accompanying teaser image, these are likely to be the P7 and the G9.

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In China, Xpeng is planning two new models for 2023, according to a published letter from the company’s CEO He Xiaopeng to employees. This newcomer duo is a coupé-like SUV called G7, which is to be presented at Auto China in April. The other is an as-yet-unnamed electric van, which is expected to go into production in September 2023. According to Chinese media reports, both new models will be equipped with the company’s 800-volt technology.

Regarding the future G7, portals such as Auto Gasgoo and CN EV Post specify that it will be a five-seat SUV in fastback style, which is related to the new flagship SUV G9. Thus, it is likely to be based on the company’s F-platform and is expected to go on sale for 200,000 to 250,000 yuan – the equivalent of around 27,000 to 34,000 euros. As for the still unnamed van, there is only a hint that it will be based on the H-platform. In total, Xpeng has three platforms: the E-platform, which is already out, and the F- and H-platforms, which are planned to be ready for series production in the course of this year.

In addition to these new models, Xpeng is also planning facelifts of its existing P5, P7 and G3 models this year, according to the internal employee letter. Referring to a model list published by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in November, the CN EV Post reported that the flagship sedan is less concerned with visual changes than with a new LiDAR option.

Xpeng had cut prices on almost all existing models only a fortnight ago. The move came shortly after Tesla’s massive price cuts (first in China, later in Europe and the US). The P7 sedan has since become up to 36,000 yuan (4,910 euros) or 12.5 per cent cheaper in China and is now available at prices starting at 209,900 yuan (28,645 euros). In addition, the range has been reduced from nine to four variants, mainly combinations of powertrains with various equipment – the 480-kilometre range version alone used to be available in six versions, now there are only two.

In the case of the more recent P5, all variants have been reduced in price by 23,000 yuan (3,140 euros), so that the model now starts at 156,900 yuan or 21,410 euros. The small electric SUV G3i now starts at 148,900 yuan (20,320 euros, 2,730 euros less than before). Only the new flagship SUV G9 remains unchanged.

Meanwhile, Xpeng announced the launch of two more models for Europe and plans to reveal more details on 3 February. According to the teaser image, these are likely to be the P7 and G9. Fittingly, Xpeng announced four new delivery and service centres for Europe in mid-January. The locations are scheduled to open in the first half of 2023.

The first run-up in Europe was bumpy: Xpeng concluded distribution partnerships in Sweden and the Netherlands at the beginning of 2022. In Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, reservations for the P5 were opened shortly afterwards in March 2022, but these were suspended until further notice in June 2022 with reference to global supply chain problems.

Xpeng had a relatively weak second half of 2022. By the end of 2022, the manufacturer had delivered a cumulative 258,710 vehicles. The internal letter now cited shows that the company expects a cumulative delivery volume of 450,000 vehicles by 2023 – which means that Xpeng is only calculating on just under 200,000 vehicle deliveries this year. Nevertheless, according to an earlier statement by company boss He Xiaopeng, the first operating profit is to be generated in 2025.

Update 03 February 2023

Xpeng is indeed introducing two new models in Europe, which are, as suspected, the large electric sedan P7 and the electric SUV G9. Both models can be seen at the eCar Expo in Stockholm from 3 to 5 February and can be ordered now in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. Deliveries of the P7 in these European countries are scheduled to start in June, those of the G9 in September. Prices for the P7 start at €49,990 in the Netherlands, 439,900 NOK in Norway, 599,900 SEK in Sweden and 399,900 DKK in Denmark. Xpeng offers the G9 from €57,990, 499,900 NOK, 699,900 SEK and 479,900 DKK respectively.

“XPENG G9 and P7 bring a combination of superior styling, quality, performance and comfort, exemplifying our market-leading technology and innovation. Today also represents a significant milestone as we build our presence in Europe,” expressed Brian Gu, Vice Chair and President of Xpeng. “We believe both vehicles deliver a new level of sophistication and a people-first mobility experience, and will be the electric vehicles of choice for many European customers.”

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