Volvo to launch two new electric sedans


Volvo Cars is planning to turn its S60 and S90 sedan models into fully electric cars. The two mid- and luxury-class sedans are part of a plan to launch at least six new electric models by 2026, say two people familiar with the plans.

According to Reuters, insiders revealed that the six new models include the already unveiled EX90 and the confirmed new entry-level electric EX30, as well as a van based on the Zeekr 009, a brand also part of the Geely Group, as well as the all-electric successor to the XC60. The BEV successors to the S60 and S90 models would then be electric newcomers five and six.

Until now, Volvo’s S60, XC60, S90 and XC90 models (as well as the V60 and V90 station wagon models with uncertain electric futures) are based on Volvo’s SPA platform. The new EX90, as well as the Polestar 3, will now be based on the SPA2 platform, which was specially developed for BEV vehicles. However, it has not been confirmed whether the electric S90 will be based on that platform as well.

According to Reuters, development work on sedans has been moved to Volvo’s research and development hub in Shanghai. It was moved to a new and larger building there recently, and the number of employees in the design team has reportedly tripled to about 60 people.

As previously reported, Volvo intends to electrify its entire lineup by 2030.


about „Volvo to launch two new electric sedans“
02.02.2023 um 14:38
The SPA2 development was well under way when the development of BEV only SEA began. Due to development costs already invested the SPA2-BEV variant was brought to production but limited to larger & heavier vehicles due to the inherent inefficiencies of the modified ICE platform. With the Polestar 5 sedan already announced to be coming on SEA expect to see the Volvo sedans to join the Lotus & Zeekr vehicles already launched on it. The SPA2 vehicles (EX90 & Polestar 3/4) will also transition to SEA as these vehicles age to the point they are ready for refresh.

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