Electrify America increases charging fees


The US charging network will charge five cents more starting on 6 March 2023. This concerns all customers, including Pass+ members, no matter if they charge per minute or per kilowatt hour.

The price per kilowatt hour will increase from 43 to 48 cents, while the price per minute increases from 16 to 19 cents for up to 90 kW and from 32 to 37 cents for up to 350 kW. Pass+ customers still pay a 4-dollar subscription fee but save 12 cents per kWh and 4 or 6 cents for the price per minute.

Electrify America operates about 800 DC charging stations with a total of 3,500 charging points. The company plans to expand, reaching 10,000 charging points and about 1,800 charging locations in Canada and the US in the coming years.,,,


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