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VW issues major recall for the ID.4 in the USA


VW is recalling about 20,000 units of the ID.4 in the USA because of possible software problems that could lead to a loss of drive. The self-diagnostic software for the battery management control is too sensitive in certain situations, which can lead to an unnecessary reset.

During this reset, the e-drive is not supplied with power. In the pulse inverter, a software error can lead to an incorrect evaluation of internal measured values and deactivate it, which also results in the drive not receiving any power. Potentially affected are 20,904 VW ID.4s built between 26 May 2020 and 20 January 2022. Newer ID.4s already have improved software on board and are therefore not affected by the recall.

In January 2023, there had already been another recall for 1,042 Volkswagen ID.4s from US production.,


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