UK to fund two maritime decarbonization projects

Two new investments by the British government are to harness the UK’s research and innovation excellence to decarbonise the maritime sector. A total of over £80 million will go into the two projects.

The investments include a £77 million Zero Emission Vessel and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition and a £7.4 million flagship UK National Clean Maritime research hub. The ZEVI competition will provide £77 million and was launched by DfT and delivered in partnership with UKRI’s Innovate UK, sits alongside the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition in the suite of UK SHORE initiatives. According to the initiators, it builds on the vision set out in DfT’s clean maritime plan, supporting this goal by funding long-term, real-world operational demonstrations of scalable clean maritime solutions.

“This latest £77 million investment in clean maritime innovation is another major milestone in the delivery of the wider UK SHORE programme to accelerate the transition to net zero,” explained Innovate UK Executive Director for Net Zero Mike Biddle, adding: “Innovate UK will work closely with the Department for Transport in the delivery of the Zero Emission Vessel and Infrastructure competition, which will result in multi-year real world demonstrations of clean maritime technologies around the UK.”

The maritime research hub will consider how to support the development of clean maritime solutions, as well as the required land-side infrastructure, energy sources and vessel technologies. The hub will also analyse “the role of energy efficiency solutions in facilitating the uptake of low and zero-emission fuels, energy sources and vessel technologies by the maritime sector”.

“When it comes to tackling climate change, we are taking action on all transport modes, which is why we’re making sure our world-leading maritime sector has a greener future,” said Transport Secretary Mark Harper, adding: “This multi-million-pound investment will help the latest tech ideas become reality and ensure UK waters will play host to green cargo ships, ferries and cruises in the next few years.”


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