Sepur employs 18 electric garbage trucks in Paris

Sepur, a waste management company, is using 18 Renault Trucks electric refuse trucks in Paris. The 18 E-Tech D Wide are used by Sepur for the collection of household waste in the 13th arrondissement, where they make around 100 collections per week.

With the deployment of the BEV fleet, waste collection in the 13th arrondissement in the south of the French capital is now entirely electric, according to Renault Trucks. The borough is home to around 180,000 inhabitants. According to fleet operator Sepur, the 18 vehicles are equipped with Semat tipper bodies and are capable of covering up to 90 kilometres.

The E-Tech D Wide is a truck variant in the Renault Trucks range that is specially optimised for waste transport. It was presented in mid-2018 still under the name D Wide Z.E. and weighs in at a permissible total weight of up to 26 tonnes. According to Renault Trucks, the model can basically reach a range of up to 120 kilometres. The maximum output is 370 kW (the continuous output is 360 kW) and can be combined with several battery configurations between 200 and 375 kWh. It is not clear from the Renault Trucks announcement how much energy the vehicles in the 13th arrondissement of Paris will come up with.

“The commissioning of these 18 electric refuse collection vehicles marks an important step in the city’s progress towards clean and sustainable mobility. We are proud to play a role in this, alongside Sepur,” commented Bruno Blin, president of Renault Trucks. By 2030, the French commercial vehicle manufacturer aims to reach a sales margin of 50 per cent for electric vehicles, and by 2040 “all the vehicles we sell will be completely fossil fuel-free”, as Blin emphasises.

Waste specialist Sepur is considered the second largest company in the waste collection and municipal services sector in the French capital region of Ile-de-France. “It’s in our DNA to offer local authorities the most sustainable transport possible. Since 2014, we’ve been converting our fleet to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve set ourselves the goal of eliminating diesel-powered vehicles from all our collections by 2025,” expresses Sepur CEO Youri Ivanov.

In the video above, representatives of Sepur also talk about the time saved by the e-waste vehicles in the operational process. This is achieved by simply plugging in the vehicles at the depot, where the e-fleet is charged overnight. With diesel vehicles, regular stops at filling stations would have to be scheduled.

The company, based in Thiverval-Grignon, currently employs about 2,500 people in 40 branches. The fleet includes about 2,000 vehicles – half of which are refuse collection vehicles. According to CEO Ivanov, more electric waste vehicles have already been ordered and the electrification of three more business areas in the Ile-de-France capital region is planned. (in French)


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