ElectricBrands to have XBUS & Evetta built in the Netherlands

German EV developer ElectricBrands has won Dutch car manufacturer VDL Nedcar as a contract manufacturer for its XBUS and Evetta models. The light electric vehicles will be produced at the VDL Nedcar plant in Born, the westernmost point of the Netherlands, not far from Aachen and Düsseldorf.

“The location with good logistical connections in a central position between Germany and the Benelux countries also contributed to the decision to choose VDL Nedcar as production partner,” explains ElectricBrands managing director Ralf Haller.

Production of the Evetta with the so-called pilot series and the first delivery to dealers is planned for the beginning of 2024. The XBUS is to follow a year later. This not only secures that series production will go ahead but the company will also benefit from the experience of the Dutch company’s 4,000-strong team in the further development of the fleet.

Originally, production of the XBUS was to start in the summer of 2022 in Itzehoe. In September last year, ElectricBrands announced that it would not produce the light electric vehicle itself – but the communicated delivery dates were to remain in place. Now VDL is taking over Nedcar.

By now, it is already clear that the planned start of production will not be possible. But even now it will take about a year before the first vehicles are built: Production of the Evetta with the pilot series and the first delivery to dealers is planned for the beginning of 2024, shortly after which the first end customers should be able to take delivery of the vehicle. The XBUS will then follow a year later.

VDL Nedcar is full of praise for the vehicles that will be built in Born in the future. The family-owned company, which has its own research and development department, believes that the L7e class of light electric vehicles, which includes the XBUS and the Evetta, has great potential for future mobility.

In future, customers will be able to choose from a total of nine variants of the XBUS, including pick-up, van, bus and camper. In the basic version, the permanently installed 15 kWh battery will provide a range of about 200 kilometres. Additional exchangeable lithium battery packs will increase the storage capacity to 45 kWh and the range to 600 kilometres.



about „ElectricBrands to have XBUS & Evetta built in the Netherlands“
19.02.2023 um 18:32
is the delivery date of 2025 for the XBUS confirmed? they were saying 2024 Q1
30.03.2023 um 18:49
So sad I was hoping to buy an electric car and fell for the XBus, so wanted to buy one for 2022 , then said to wait for 1stQ of 2023 And now maybe a year after 2024 so like 2025 ?Can we have or read an official statement somewhere, because we can't wait eternally for a car , I needed on now or at least in the near future
13.06.2023 um 14:47
Too slow to market, over promised deliver timescales and now losing all the good will first gained. Why? I, like many, paid a deposit in 2022 based on the promise of delivery late 2022 for the xbus, then told Q1 2023. Radio silence until I chased electricbrands, only to be told we don’t know when in 2023? Then given an early 2024 timescale and now I’m reading 2025!!! WT….?I’m sure there is some basis for legal challenge and breaking of a contract with customers once you have paid a deposit? Prioritising another model for manufacture that wasn’t available at the time of marketing the xbus is wrong. I have completely lost trust in electicbrands and seriously thinking about legal advice or just asking for my money back, plus interest.Am I the only one thinking this isn’t good enough? Broken promise, after broken promise…after broken promise!
Jim Lund Andersen
06.08.2023 um 12:23
charging time needs to get down, 10 kwh battery 0-80% 1 hour come on, most people want a 30 kwh upgrade, so that about 4 hours "fast charge" ah not fast..
18.04.2024 um 23:37
This is such a shame, love the concept but so many issues. It must have a Rapid DC (CCS) charge port to be useable in real life. There’s no way just an AC charger is acceptable for any journey over its maximum range. The range is also such an obvious lie, 600km from a 30KWh battery pack is ludicrous, nothing else can get anywhere near that and this is a brick! Not a chance it could make that.

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