Ralf Haller now CEO of ElectricBrands (XBus)

German EV maker ElectricBrands has appointed a new CEO. Ralf Haller, the XBus founder and Artega/Evatta owner, will lead the company and revise production plans. The previous CEO, Martin Henne, will manage the new Evetta GmbH.

Joining the team at the top is Hans Stryewski to oversee day-to-day operations as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Said operations will also change since ElectricBrands announces a change in production.

Rather than producing at its HQ in Itzehoe, the company decided to outsource production. The decision against Itzehoe hasn’t been easy, explained CEO Ralf Haller. “However, after a thorough review, it is the best one – for our customers and in terms of sustainability,” added Haller.

The town of Itzehoe is in northern Germany and, therefore, remote. At the same time, ElectricBrands must assemble its the light electric vehicles in its portfolio using various components from various suppliers. “A main site should therefore be centrally located,” so the company. Sustainability with short delivery routes, flexibility and automation, as well as skilled staff, were other reasons listed in today’s statement.

ElectricBrands is looking to produce and sell light electric vehicles of different kinds, primarily using the XBus platform designed by Haller. The most recent example of an acquired concept is Artega’s small EV Karo, formerly Microlina and now marketed as Evetta under the new owner ElectricBrands. They also offer electric bikes by Nito.

ElectricBrands has yet to disclose if the new production strategy only affects the XBus or Evetta, too, although they are currently constructing a production line in Göttingen. ElectricBrands expects to build 30,000 mini EVs in year one once production starts in 2023.

It is also open with who ElectricBrands may be working. So far, they have named Germany and Benelux countries as options for external production lines.

In any case, Haller confirmed that ElectricBrands would stay on schedule regarding planned deliveries. Their XBus (formerly eBussy) is an electric modular light vehicle (class L7e) designed with two variable chassis and ten different body options. In the latest news, the launch was scheduled for 2024.

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