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Sep 4, 2022 - 02:47 pm

Ralf Haller now CEO of ElectricBrands (XBus)

German EV maker ElectricBrands has appointed a new CEO. Ralf Haller, the XBus founder and Artega/Evatta owner, will lead the company and revise production plans. The previous CEO, Martin Henne, will manage the new Evetta GmbH.

Jul 7, 2022 - 12:39 pm

ElectricBrands presents camper variant of the XBUS

Almost exactly one year after an ElectricBrands debuted the Xbus, the company presented a camper version based on the light electric vehicle. There is also news about the Microlino clone Karo, which ElectricBrands plans to launch later this year as ‘Evetta’.




Apr 28, 2022 - 05:26 pm

Electric Isetta clone sees revision number three (or so)

This is a trip down memory lane to first encounter the electric edition of BMW’s iconic Isetta. Micro Mobility Systems was the first to clone the bubble car, only to be taken over, with some hostility, by Artega and their version of the Microlino running as Karo. Now, there’s a third attempt to finally relaunch […]

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21.09.2022 17:33