Nio is phasing out “older” electric car lines

The Chinese manufacturer Nio is phasing out the models based on the first generation of its e-car platform. This affects the 2022 model year ES8, ES6 and EC6, which are still based on the NT 1.0 platform.

“The three older products — ES8, ES6 and EC6 — are about to see their transitions, and we are preparing for the model switch,” a Nio spokesperson confirmed to CN EV Post. These three models will no longer be newly produced for customers – only some already-built examples are still for sale.

Previously, there had been reports in Chinese media that Nio would stop selling said models based on the NT-1.0 platform from 16 February and also withdraw these from showrooms. According to the company’s response, the latter is not the case, the existing vehicles will be sold off, yet the changeover to the NT 2.0 is in full swing.

Nio now fully focuses on the models of its new NT 2.0 platform, specifically the sedans ET5 and ET7, the new coupe SUV EC7 introduced in early January, the revised large SUV ES8 and the smaller SUV model ES7, which Nio recently started delivering in Europe under the name EL7.

The new EC7 and revised ES8 on the new platform are scheduled to hit the markets for the first time in Q2 this year. So there may be a break of a few months when the existing ES8 cars on the older platform are sold out, and production of the “new” ES8 has yet to start.

According to the observations of the CN EV Post, which regularly records the delivery times stated in the Nio app, the company was probably able to increase the production of the NT 2.0 vehicles most recently. In Q4 2022, delivery times for the ET5 and ET7 were up to 13 weeks, while the NT-1.0 models were mostly available within two to four weeks. Since mid-February, however, the newer ET5, ET7 and ES7 models have also been with the customer within three weeks.


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