Tesla opens US Supercharger network to all EVs

Tesla has officially opened its Supercharger network in the USA to non-Tesla vehicles. Via so-called “Magic Docks”, all CCS-capable electric cars can now charge at select Supercharger locations.

And to ensure that Tesla vehicles are no longer limited to its own charging network, the manufacturer now offers a retrofit for older models, so they can use the CCS adapter.

Tesla published a tutorial for the Magic Dock. First, drivers must download the Tesla app and enter a credit card. Stations with CCS adapters are marked in the app. Drivers just need to select the post number in the app, and the Magic Dock unlocks.

The carmaker points out that it can take up to two minutes until charging starts. Electrek speculates that it is due to the communication between the charger and the car. In the case of the Tesla vehicles, charger and car communicate directly, but for other vehicles, there is a detour via the app. Electrek also tried charging a Chevy Bolt, concluding that “this is a big day for electric vehicle charging in the US.”

Tesla began retrofitting its Superchargers with CCS adapters after the fast-charging standard became a condition to qualify for the 7.5 billion dollar subsidy programme and NEVI in the United States. According to US government, make at least 7,500 of its Superchargers and Destination Chargers “available to all electric vehicles” by the end of 2024, including at least 3,500 Superchargers with 250 kilowatts of power. Tesla plans to more than double its Supercharger network in the US by the end of 2024, which it can now do with funding from Washington.

On the other hand, Tesla can only use the fast-charging network of other providers with a CCS adapter, as the manufacturer continues to install its own charging standard in the USA. The adapter is currently available there for 175 dollars (164 euros). The problem is that it is only compatible with vehicles built after October 2020. For all cars produced before then, the EV maker now offers a retrofit for 450 dollars (421 euros). The adapter is included in the price.

Every Tesla driver will have to decide whether it is worth it. It remains to be seen whether the Supercharger network will continue to suffice when it is opened up to other brands as well or not.

In Germany, there is no conversion necessary. The CCS adapter is available for the Model S and Model X in the store for 262 euros – for the old as well as the new models. The Model 3 already has a CCS charging port in Germany.

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about „Tesla opens US Supercharger network to all EVs“
Joe C
01.06.2023 um 19:37
I'm excited! With all of the difficulties I've experienced with Ea, EVGo, ZEF, Bling and Sema I look forward to using an established and dependable system

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