Germany: VW could lower the price of its ID.3

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According to German media, VW plans to lower the base list price for its revised ID.3 below the 40,000 euro mark. Currently, the model is available in Germany from 43,995 euros.

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The price tag was added at the beginning of December when Volkswagen considerably thinned out the ID.3 range and announced a revised version. That new edition was unveiled this week – but not the price. Therefore, the starting price for ID.3 Pro with a 58 kWh battery remains at 43,995 euros for now.

VW representatives, including CEO Oliver Blume, have spoken out against the price battle in recent weeks, following massive price cuts by Tesla. However, it seems that the German carmaker wants to lower the price of its ID.3 as well, the German publication Handelsblatt reports, citing insiders.

However, Blume won’t have to revise his stand on price battles, as the basic version of Tesla’s Model 3 already costs nearly the same as an ID.3 Pro. After all, lowering the price of the ID.3 is not officially a price cut, but rather the new price for a (re)introduced model.

In the wake of the semiconductor shortage, Volkswagen decided to use what was available for higher-priced models with larger batteries. The ID.3 base model with a 45 kWh battery (supposed to cost less than 30,000 euros) was taken off the market. It will probably have its comeback soon. But the price remains unknown.

According to Handelsblatt, VW will communicate prices at the end of April at the latest. So just ahead of the start of pre-sales. However, whether this is also true for the 45 kWh model or if the entry-level variant will launch later is unclear. In any case, VW already announced that a VW ID.3 with a smaller battery (than the 54 kWh version) would be made available.

Update 06 March 2023

VW confirmed the previously leaked new base version of the revised ID.3 for just under €40,000. The ID.3 Pro with 58 kWh battery will start in Germany at list prices from €39,995. Pre-sales are scheduled to begin at the end of March.

The previous basic version ID.3 Pro Life with the 58 kWh battery costs from €43,995. It is not known exactly how the variant for €39,995 without another name addition after the ‘Pro’ (for the battery size) will differ from the Life equipment. What is clear, however, is that the entry-level model will also receive the most important innovations of the facelift, including the twelve-inch display in the interior and the new centre console with USB-C connections.

As sales director Imelda Labbé hinted to the German publication Handelsblatt, the ID.3 could also be offered with a smaller battery again in the future, which should lower the entry-level price once more. “We are looking into that,” said the brand executive, although the supply situation would have to improve further for that to happen. VW withdrew the 45 kWh battery from the market in summer 2021. (in German), (both update, in German)


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