Tesla starts introducing V4 Superchargers in Europe

Tesla has started installing a new generation of its Superchargers. The first known location for Tesla’s fourth-generation fast-charging stations is Harderwijk in the Netherlands, about 60 kilometres from Amsterdam.

The opening of the entire Harderwijk site is planned for the second quarter of 2023, according to the Tesla map. The fact that the installation of the new Supercharger generation is starting in Europe was announced by the responsible Tesla manager at last week’s Investors Day. A concrete location was not named – but corresponding construction work has now been discovered at the Supercharger location mentioned in the Netherlands. This could be the first V4 location worldwide. According to Tesla, 16 charging points are to be built there. It is still unclear whether these will only be V4 columns. So far, four of the new charging points have been spotted by the eMobility-YouTuber “ElectricFelix”.

The new columns are significantly higher than the V3 Superchargers. Compared to the current V3 Superchargers, however, they are not expected to offer any increase in charging power (for the time being) – so the peak of 250 kW will remain. The main distinguishing feature of the V4 Superchargers, apart from the taller housing, is apparently a longer charging cable, which should simplify charging for electric cars of other brands.

Since all Teslas have the charging port at the rear left of the rear light, the short charging cables could previously be laid out for this uniform charging port position. Electric cars from other brands with a charging port at the rear right or behind the front wheel could in some cases not use the charging point intended for their parking space – and thus have so far occupied two charging points.

It is not yet known whether the higher housing has further technical reasons or is only to accommodate the longer charging cable. In previous Supercharger generations, the housing was always designed in such a way that the charging cables did not or barely touch the ground. Some time ago, Tesla had already held out the prospect of a gradual increase in charging power to 300 kW and possibly more. But there are (currently) no signs of this. A photo, which is supposed to show the type plate of one of the columns, indicates the 250 kW maximum output power – a maximum of 500 volts is possible, the current strength is up to 631 amps.

The columns sighted in the Netherlands resemble a design that was first spotted in patent drawings last summer – even then there was speculation about a possible V4 design. This column is slightly narrower than a V3 Supercharger, but as mentioned taller – and most importantly, it says goodbye to the characteristic Supercharger design with the hollow housing. At least the 2022 design envisaged a solid housing with cables on the outside.



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