Cake announces new distribution partnerships around the globe

Cake, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric motorcycles, has signed new distribution and production partnerships to sell more than 200,000 electric motorcycles in China, Mexico and Greece.

Cake signed the biggest deal for the Chinese market: A collaboration with two-wheeler manufacturer and distributor Shanghai Forever will see 150,000 Cake bikes manufactured and sold in China over the next four years.

“Getting into one of the biggest markets with the optimal partner feels amazing. In China, we have a great opportunity to contribute to high-quality vehicles that last longer, as well as continue to ride on their electric wave,” says Cake CEO and Founder Stefan Ytterborn. “With Forever, we will have the ability to influence millions of people, from not only the usage of our electric vehicles, but by also decreasing consumption by products that last longer, as well as educating and providing green renewable energy solutions.”

In Mexico, Cake is cooperating with motorcycle manufacturer Italika and Citio, a Mexican company offering the country’s first battery exchange network. Italika is expected to manufacture and sell 50,000 Cake bikes in Mexico over the next few years. Plans also call for incorporating Italika and Citio’s manufacturing and assembly capabilities to meet demand in North America.

Meanwhile, Cake has entered into a distribution-only partnership in Greece with Automotive Solutions. It includes an order for 1,500 electric motorcycles, which will be distributed throughout Greece and Cyprus from the second quarter of 2023.

According to Cake, the company is looking to expand its distribution network further in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa. The manufacturer thus promised that more distribution updates would follow soon. (China), (Mexico), (Greece)

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Garry Rayner
20.03.2023 um 07:42
Please can we look at New Zealand distribution

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