Nova Bus starts electric bus trial in Washington

Washington DC’s Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) has ordered five battery-electric buses from Nova Bus. The Volvo subsidiary will assemble the EVs at the Nova Bus plant in Plattsburgh, New York State.

The buses will be part of Metro’s latest trial to prepare for a 100% EV transition. Metro calls the Battery-Electric Bus Test and Evaluation program “a key milestone” towards achieving its zero-emission bus goals. These include phased conversion of its fleet of over 1,500 buses to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet by 2045, with an interim goal of all new buses entering service being zero-emission by 2030.

The five Nova Bus models now on order will allow Metro to collect data and build knowledge on electric bus operations to inform the scaling of its transition plan so the operator.

Metro opted for the Nova Bus LFSe+ long-range electric bus that couples the electric motor and power electronics by BAE Systems. The model utilises Nova Bus structures and is generally specified with a battery capacity of up to 564 kWh for a range of 470 km. In addition, the LSFe+ can charge at the depot or connect to overhead lines.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Metro will be integrating the Nova Bus LFSe+ into its electric bus pilot program,” said Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus. “We are also happy that these buses will be operating in federal Opportunity Zones, as low-income communities are the ones that will benefit the most from this transition to clean, quiet, and reliable electric buses.”

“Every such order for the Nova Bus LFSE+ is a major strategic win, demonstrating the performance and quality of this innovative vehicle in yet another major metro region,” said Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. “It is especially welcome that these buses, crafted by our great workforce in Plattsburgh, New York, will be seen on the streets of our nation’s capital.”

Nova Bus belongs to the Volvo Group and operates in North America. Its portfolio includes electric, hybrid, CNG and diesel buses. The LFSe+ electric bus is the company’s flagship model and is also on order with transit companies in Houston or Denver.


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