Mar 22, 2023 - 02:04 pm

Maserati Folgore EVs will rely on Bosch Charging Services

Italian automaker Maserati will launch its new GranTurismo Folgore with access to the public charging service by Bosch. Maserati is covered by the Bosch charging network that will include around 700,000 charging points in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific by mid-2023

The German supplier claims to offer access to 450,000 charge points in 30 European countries alone.  The deal now agreed upon explicitly mentions the Asia-Pacific region.

Once registered for the services, drivers of the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore will have access to charging information via the in-car navigation system or in the app. Here, Bosch offers to integrate and display the charging service into the manufacturer’s “look and feel” of the infotainment system, both functionally and visually.

Besides finding available charge points and information on surrounding amenities, Bosch also lists which costs and terms of use apply at given charge points. Billing takes place automatically using the credit card details added to the app.

“We expect a huge surge in growth for our charging services business over the decade – because as electromobility ramps up, so does the need for straightforward and comprehensive charging solutions. We will benefit from this,” says Dr Markus Heyn, chairman of Bosch’s Mobility Solutions business since the summer of 2022. By the end of the decade, Bosch expects its charging solutions business to expand by more than 50 per cent each year.


As for Maserati, the Stellantis brand is one of the few luxury car manufacturers moving decisively towards electric mobility. By 2025, Maserati will offer a fully electric version for each model and, from 2030, will only sell electric cars.

The electrification campaign is labelled Maserati Folgore, the Italian word for lightning. Maserati presented the electric Gran Turismo in October 2022 but mainly in pictures. The sports coupé is due out this year. It will still bear the trident logo air intake required only for combustion models but will already do without suggested tailpipes at the rear. 2023 will also see the launch of the Folgore version of the Grecale SUV alongside the ICE version.


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  1. Ad van der Meer

    The only service that Bosch will provide will be a RFID card that will give access to those chargepoints.
    I am guessing here, but the only chargepoints that Bosch operates will be the ones on their own facilities and even that is most likely outsourced.

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