New white-label wall box by Katek’s eSystems MTG


The Katek Group, headquartered in Munich, has signed a framework agreement to deliver over one million white-label wall boxes. The company also aims to become the market leader among wall box manufacturers and says this is the third order in a year.

The GhostONE wall box has been available since last year. Since it is white-label, it is hard to say who places these large orders. Katek says the latest framework agreement was concluded with “a European car manufacturer” and will run over five years.

And according to Katek, it should not be the last. The company has set itself high goals. “The ghostONE serves the segment for highly intelligent, fully networked wall boxes, and we have the clear goal of becoming the market leader, at least in Europe,” says Katek CEO Rainer Koppitz.

Technically, the GhostONE is a 22 kW wall box developed by the Katek subsidiary eSystems MTG GmbH and produced in the Katek Group in the Czech Republic and Leipzig in Germany. Prototyping will soon take place in the German plant, so Katek. The Group adds it covers everything from rapid prototyping to material management, production, test engineering, final assembly, logistics and aftersales. Jochen Paukert, CEO of eSystems, calls the “one-stop-shop philosophy” a “huge advantage” as customers must deal with only one contact. “We can already consider during the design of the wall box which components are likely to be available in the next few years at the required quality, at the best prices and how the wall box can be manufactured in a highly automated way,” he adds.

Customers can make modular orders, i.e. buying individual parts such as only electronics to complete products, including validation and certification and ISO15118 for Plug ‘n Charge. The wall box also connects to smart homes and can prioritise locally generated solar energy. A custom design evokes an additional charge.

Katek targets car manufacturers, energy suppliers, wall box manufacturers, charge point operators, municipal utilities, grid operators and electrical wholesalers. (in German), (company page)


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