Opel is marketing the Mokka Electric as a service vehicle


Opel is now offering the Mokka Electric as a workshop and service vehicle with a drawer and shelf system in the rear. The corresponding in-vehicle equipment comes from conversion specialist Bott.

The Vario3 system from Bott is integrated into a safety frame that is firmly attached to the body, designed to store tools and smaller spare parts safely and comfortably. If more space is needed in the rear compartment (for example to transport larger spare parts), the module can be removed in a few easy steps, says Opel.

Once the drawer system is installed, however, the Mokka Electric becomes a two-seater. Despite its compact dimensions, the Mokka Electric is “extraordinarily spacious”, Opel writes. But with its 4.16 metres, the Mokka Electric remains a compact SUV. One advantage of the drawer system adapted to the Mokka is said to be that the additional weight can be distributed evenly. The safety of various Bott configurations has been confirmed by crash tests with loaded vehicles in accordance with UN ECE Regulation R44, he says. “Bott has confirmed the safety of various configurations of its racking equipment in crash tests of loaded cars according to standard ECE R44. Nothing falls out of the modules and the drawers remain closed,” Opel wrote.

In the announcement, Opel still writes that the Mokka Electric with its 50 kWh battery and 100 kW electric motor can drive up to 338 kilometres according to WLTP. This is surprising, since in the course of the renaming of the Mokka-e to Mokka Electric in December, the introduction of the new drive generation into the vehicle was announced. The new electric drive system has an output of 115 kW, and the energy content of the battery has increased from 50 to 54 kWh (gross).


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