Alfa Romeo is planning to build two electric SUVs


Alfa Romeo reportedly wants to launch an electric car under the model name Brennero as a spin-off of the Jeep Avenger next year. While the Brennero will probably still be available with several types of drive, the successor generation of another Alfa model will only be purely electric.

There were already reports of a new entry-level model from Alfa Romeo about a year ago. But there is a serious difference: at that time there was talk of a successor to the Mito small car, which was discontinued a few years ago. Now, according to the British magazine Autocar, it will not be a small electric car based on the Stellantis e-CMP platform, but a small SUV.

As an Alfa offshoot of the Jeep Avenger, the Brennero will presumably receive the current generation of the e-CMP electric drive. In other words, instead of the 100 kW electric motor from supplier Vitesco, a 115 kW in-house development by the joint venture of Stellantis and Niedc will be used. Due to improved cell chemistry, the gross energy content of the battery increases from 50 to 54 kWh.

The range of the electric Brennero is of course not yet officially known, but it should be on a par with the Avenger – which is stated to have a range of up to 392 kilometres according to WLTP. It is not yet confirmed where the Alfa Romeo Brennero will be built. Jeep’s sister model has been built at the Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland, since February 2023.

Since the e-CMP is the electric offshoot of a multi-energy platform, Alfa Romeo is likely to offer the Brennero with internal combustion engines or mild hybrids as well. According to information from Autocar, however, it has not yet been decided whether the hybrid petrol engine will be offered only in overseas markets or also in Europe.

The successor generation of a larger SUV model from Alfa, on the other hand, is likely to be purely electric: According to another Autocar report, the second generation of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be based on the STLA Large, an all-electric platform from Stellantis. With Alfa Romeo reportedly set to become an all-electric brand from 2027, anything other than an all-electric Stelvio in 2026 would be a surprise.

The STLA Large will probably also be the basis for the then also all-electric successor generation of the Giulia saloon model. As brand boss Jean-Philippe Imparato told Autocar, the two models will differ in terms of design despite sharing the same platform – the design of the upcoming Stelvio will be based on the current combustion model, but Alfa will focus on comfort, practicality and user-friendliness during development. With the flatter E-limousine, on the other hand, Alfa wants to optimise the range. Technical data for both models are not yet available, but battery sizes of up to 100 kWh are easily possible for the STLA Large. (Brennero), (Stelvio)


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