Motiv Power Systems starts selling its next-generation of EVs

Motiv Power Systems is launching the second generation of its electric trucks for medium-duty fleets. It will build on the previous generation will be “engineered to meet today’s fleet needs while embracing the latest EV technology.”

It will thus be fitted with a new motor and a new battery system. Motiv provides only few details, saying that it worked with Nidec to design and patent a six-phase motor. The torque is said to surpass that of combustion engine vehicles. The battery system uses LFP batteries “capable of reaching a 200-mile range on a single charge. The base version is rated at 150 miles range.”

Moreover, fleets can select two or three battery packs to suit their range needs. The next-generation Motiv electric vehicles can also be modified to suit customers’ design needs. For example, the charge port can be located at several locations to make it easy for the fleets to charge depending on the charging infrastructure used.

The company announced a partnership for battery development with Our Next Energy (ONE) in March 2022, saying that they would be used for a new platform for Motiv vans, trucks and buses from early 2023. At the time, the companies stated the new batteries would enable Motiv to provide 156 kWh with two battery packs instead of three packs for 127 kWh.

Moreover, the scalable architecture provided by ONE is said to allow for series and parallel configurations and at least 3,000 recharge cycles. The company uses an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that protects against overcharging. The resulting new 156 kWh battery system will take up 30 per cent less volume than its current 127 kWh configuration.

The new generation can already be purchased. And first deliveries are scheduled for as early as June.


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