Melbourne mechanic tries to upsell customer for oil change on EV

In Melbourne, a Mercedes owner was charged 445 Australian dollars by one of the manufacturer’s dealerships for an engine oil and filter change. This was clearly an oversight, as the car in question was an all-electric Mercedes EQA 250.

According to the story, the driver did not initially question the $700 invoice, which was set as a capped service price by manufacturers, as he expected to pay a high price for a luxury car service. But then stated: “As I was driving off, I thought bloody $700 bucks was expensive for a service.” This then prompted the driver to take another look at the bill.

Upon closer inspection of the itemised invoice, he noticed the mechanics charged him for an oil and filter change despite his electric vehicle not needing one.

A 3 Point Motors spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the charge had been an “innocent mistake”: “A valued member of the 3 Point Motors team accidentally selected the wrong Job Code when printing the invoice for the Electric Vehicle Servicing,” they said.


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