Ghana to see 1,000 waste trucks becoming zero-emission

Ghana’s Jospong Group, a major conglomerate, and US-based ZeroNox, which specializes in the electrification of commercial vehicles, have teamed up for a massive electrification project involving 1,000 rubbish trucks.

Under the signed joint venture agreement, 1,000 Zoomlion rubbish trucks, a subsidiary of Jospong, will be retrofitted with ZeroNox’s latest EV platform and LFP batteries, although technical details have not been disclosed.

By converting the entire Jospong Group’s rubbish truck fleet, the project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 400,000 tonnes and save $323m over the next five years. This ambitious plan demonstrates the growing trend of vehicle electrification in Africa.

This follows Nigeria’s recent announcement that it will be introducing 12,000 electric buses on its roads over the next seven years, with the support of Yutong and accompanying infrastructure.

“We look forward to fostering similar, high-impact strategic partnerships in the future,” said ZeroNox CEO Vonn Christenson, explaining that the partnership was born out of “an alignment in the missions of our two organizations.”

ZeroNox’s ZeroNox Electric Powertrain Platform (ZEPP) is primarily intended for fleet conversions but can also be used to create new commercial EVs.

Jospong Group is a leading logistics handling company with operations across several African countries and Asia. Waste collection in Ghana is managed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zoomlion.


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