VW plans facelift for ID.4


After the ID.3, the VW ID.4 will also get a facelift. This is no surprise; German media reports give a first glimpse of what the makeover could entail – and when it will take place.

In contrast to the ID.3 facelift presented this spring, which was mainly cosmetic and concerned few equipment details, the ID.4 makeover will also address the technology. According to Auto Bild information, the electric SUV will receive technical updates from 2024 and a visual redesign from around mid-2025.

On the technical side, the ID.4 will be fitted with drive technology from the ID.7. Specifically, the APP550 engine with 210 kW of power. The GTX variant will likely have even more power. Like the 250 kW Cupra Tavascan, it comes with the APP550 as a rear engine and a weaker electric motor at the front for all-wheel drive. Currently, the system power for the ID.4 GTX and other MEB models with all-wheel drive is 220 kW – these models also come with a 150 kW rear engine. The ID.3, on the other hand, has to make do with the 150 kW drive. Even after the facelift.

According to the report, the visual redesign will be relatively discreet. As with the ID.3, the diamond-shaped patterns are likely to disappear. However, in case of the ID.4, they were not found in the plastic bumper, but only in the grilles of the radiator opening. Auto Bild‘s renderings show a grille with right angles. The strip between the headlights is also likely to be redesigned. The car body will likely remain untouched.

On the inside, too, there will probably be some innovations, which, as with the ID.3 facelift, will affect the choice of materials. In addition, Auto Bild states that a new infotainment system “like the one in the recently presented ID.7” will be available in 2024. However, that statement is only partially accurate. The report mentions a 12-inch touchscreen, while the ID.7 and the Cupra Tavascan have a 15-inch touchscreen with a revised control system. It is unclear whether VW will adapt the new software generation to the twelve-inch touchscreen or whether the ID.4 will also get a larger screen (optional).

It is also unclear how the product upgrade in drive technology and infotainment will affect the EV’s price. According to the report, the ID.4 will “probably be a bit more expensive” than its current starting price of 40,335 euros. Even though the article does not mention it, it seems logical that the ID.5 will undergo upgrades.


about „VW plans facelift for ID.4“
12.05.2023 um 05:32
BID-4 doesn't have an engine and won't receive an engine from the ID7 line. It will receive a motor which is different.
David F.
12.05.2023 um 06:52
If VW thinks that is what needs to be changed on the ID:4 they are sadly mistaken. Having owned a 2023 AWD ID.4 I can say the car itself is very nice. The problem lies with their tech. It’s absolutely horrid. The Nav system routinely directs you to the wrong place, it doesn’t connect to your home wifi for updates (which I guess isn’t really a problem because they don’t ever update), radio favorites, you name it, it stinks, the tech was so bad I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Even my Nephew commented on how bad it was. Mediocre at best stereo system, etc. and a really irritating tap of the screen to tell the car who is driving every single time. Get out to move your garbage can, get back in and the main display doesn’t show anything until you tell the car it’s you. Just stupid. Nothing is intuitive either. I could go on and on. What could be an awesome car is ruined by sloppy tech integration. It’s like the programmers were high school students just learning how to program. It looks good but just doesn’t work worth a damn.
Carl Peterson
17.05.2023 um 00:13
You are correct....but I still love the car.

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