Tesla cuts prices at its Superchargers in Europe


Tesla has significantly reduced the rates at its Superchargers in Europe. Depending on the country, observers report price reductions of up to 25 per cent. In Germany, the price range fell from 52 to 59 cents to 39 to 47 cents per kilowatt hour.

It bears mentioning, however, that these are the prices for Tesla drivers. They vary not only between regions but also between neighbouring locations, as a random sample by the electrive editorial team in Rhineland, Germany, shows: At the large Seed&Greet charging park in Hilden at the A3/A46 intersection, the App shows that charging costs between 40 and 44 cents, depending on the time of day; in Troisdorf and Frechen (both near Cologne) it is 39 to 43 cents. In Kerpen, not far from Frechen, it is back up to 40 to 44 cents again. Only a few kilometres to the south, at the location in Erftstadt with 28 Superchargers, it is 42 cents at off-peak times and 47 cents at peak times.

The ad-hoc prices for non-Tesla drivers range from 55 to 68 cents per kilowatt-hour, depending on the location. However, kilowatt-hour prices for non-Teslas can also be reduced via paid membership with basic monthly fees.

According to some market observers, the price reductions vary from country to country. In Spain, prices have dropped by as much as 25 per cent, in France and Germany by up to 23 per cent, and in Belgium by 18 per cent. Price cuts have only been implemented in the single-digit percentage range in other countries, such as Norway and Switzerland.

Tesla recently adjusted Supercharger prices almost every 14 days – but usually not with such large fluctuations. At the end of 2022, Tesla’s kWh costs were still nearly 70 cents but were subsequently reduced significantly. Since then, there have only been minor changes.

Since almost all Supercharger locations in Germany are now open to non-Tesla brands, the price reduction is also attractive for non-Tesla drivers – especially for those with a paid membership for €12.99 per month.,,, (in German)


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