Anovion to build battery material plant in Georgia

The US battery materials company Anovion Technologies is building a production facility for its graphite anode material for use in lithium-ion batteries in Decatur County in southwest Georgia, with an initial investment of $800 million.

Anovion is based in Chicago, Illinois, and has been producing anode-grade synthetic graphite near Niagara Falls, New York, and Clarksburg, West Virginia, since 2021. In October 2022, Anovion received a grant for a total of 117 million US dollars from the US Department of Energy to expand its production capacities.

The new plant in Georgia is planned to start with an annual production capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes. Information on the schedule is not yet available, however.

Anovion writes that it chose the location of the initially 1,500,000 square foot facility based on its proximity to existing and planned low- and carbon-free energy sources for power, short supply chains, access to existing rail infrastructure, highly valuable skilled workforce.

“Anovion conducted a thorough search to identify a location that addressed our energy, transportation, logistics, and human capital needs that would ensure we have the ecosystem in place to produce the highest quality and sustainable synthetic graphite anode material on the market today,” said Eric Stopka, Chief Executive Officer of Anovion. “Not only does existing infrastructure make Southwest Georgia an attractive location for Anovion’s new facility, but the proximity to other battery and EV manufacturing plants will allow us to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

“Our long-term, strategic vision is to focus on growth and innovation, positioning Anovion as a leader in the U.S. energy transition and, equally importantly, securing a domestic source for these critical materials required for US lithium-ion battery production,” added Chip Dunn, Executive Chairman of Anovion. “From continued research and development in electrochemistry to technology improvements in our production process and our ambitious climate tech initiatives, our goal is to become carbon-neutral over time, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately position Anovion as the climate tech leader of the future.”


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