Heliox and Cummins bring two new DC chargers to North America

Dutch charging infrastructure specialist Heliox will launch two new chargers in North America. These will be available through Cummins’ North America distribution network.

The two companies have signed an agreement for Cummins to provide both sales and service of Heliox’s chargers in the region. They are thus making the mobile 50 kW DC charger, Mobile 50, and a stationary 180 kW DC charging system, Flex 180, available in the region.

The mobile DC charger is described as an “innovative, reliable solution that easily plugs into 480V AC wall sockets and can be used anywhere there is a compatible power source”. It is, therefore, ideal for fleets, as operators do not need to install EV infrastructure. According to the manufacturer, the charger is suitable for different types of electric vehicles – from passenger cars to mining vehicles. It can i.e. provide about 100 km of range in two hours for an electric bus. A passenger car must stay plugged in for about 24 minutes for the same distance.

The stationary option, the Flex 180, can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously and is available as a plug-in and a pantograph version for electric buses, for example. It is designed for high-powered depots and overnight charging across multiple vehicles. Helioy says it can provide an electric bus with enough power for 100 kilometres of range in about 33 minutes.

While the Flex 180 is available in Europe, the Mobile 50 kW can only be purchased in North America. A 40-kW version is available in Europe.

Heliox says all of its UL-listed chargers are manufactured in Minneapolis, USA. The company specialises in charging heavy vehicles, including so-called multi-megawatt chargers for trucks and ferries and the aforementioned electric buses. In November 2021, the Dutch company also unveiled the first DC columns for electric cars.

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