Lucid brings two more Air variants to Europe


US electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors announced pricing for two more Lucid Air luxury sedan variants for Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway. These are the Air Pure AWD and the Air Touring, which feature the smaller 92 kWh battery pack for up to 725 kilometres WLTP range.

According to Lucid, the Air Touring will be delivered in the third quarter of 2023 and the Air Pure AWD in the fourth quarter of 2023 in the four countries mentioned above. They can be ordered now: prices in Germany are €109,000 (Air Pure AWD) and €129,000 (Air Touring). In the Netherlands, the EVs will sell for €115,000 and €134,000, and 125,000 CFH (€128,628) and 145,00 CFH (149,209) in Switzerland. In Norway, the Air Pure AWD and the Air Touring will cost 1,140,000 kr (€96,357) and 1,300,000 kr (€109,862), respectively. The Pure AWD has an output of 353 kW, and the Touring comes in at 456 kW.

Shortly before Christmas 2022, Lucid Motors delivered the first units of the Air in Europe, initially the “Dream Edition”, which is available in two variants. The Dream Edition Performance offers a maximum power of 828 kW with a WLTP range of 799 kilometres. The Dream Edition Range has slightly less power (696 kW) but provides 883 kilometres of range. Both variants use the 113 kWh battery. The “Grand Touring” version, which has now also been delivered in Europe, also uses this battery.

The two cheaper variants still offer a WLTP range of up to 725 kilometres. While the large battery can be charged with up to 300 kW, Lucid averages a charging power of up to 250 kW for the 92 kWh battery pack – however, a charging time of ten to 80 per cent is not mentioned. On the other hand, there is another advantage: since the smaller battery pack is flatter with 18 instead of 22 modules, the footwell in front of the rear seats is eight centimetres lower – which, according to Lucid, should result in more legroom and comfortable seating position.

In 2024, a single-engine, rear-wheel-drive variant of the Air Pure will follow as a new base model, but Lucid will not provide details on pricing and deliveries until later.

The two variants now priced differ from the previously delivered models not only in terms of the electric drive but also in terms of equipment. For example, the “DreamDrive Pro” driver assistance system is optional. The Air Pure, for example, is only available with an aluminium roof – previously, the panoramic glass roof was standard. The Air Touring “will be available with a standard solid aluminium roof, as well as the optional Glass Canopy”. The materials for the interior are also different. And the “Stealth Appearance” visual package with dark accents is also available for the outside.


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Bob Riley
24.05.2023 um 00:36
When will it get to Cowbridge and other RHD destinations like NZ? Former Bridgendian
Haidi A Jerlstrom
25.05.2023 um 21:43
.my son sells LUCID MOTORS in SAN DIEGO CA and LOVES HIS CAREER!!!! SEE MICHAEL if you're looking in SAN DIEGO!!!!

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