$187 million announced for EV schemes in the USA

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a fresh round of funding for $99.5 million for electric vehicle schemes. This comes in addition to the $87 million now granted to 45 electric vehicle projects.

In both cases, the funding should advance the production of next-generation electric vehicle technologies, train the future electrified transportation workforce, and ensure the equitable deployment of clean mobility options in disadvantaged communities.

The fresh funding opportunity comes from the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) for the fiscal year 2023. The total amount of $99.5 million targets the improvement of EV charging infrastructure in underserved communities, consumer education on EVs and EV charging, and the development of batteries that use low-cost, abundant materials. While applicants must submit a concept paper by 26 June 2023, the full applications are due on 11 August this year.

The existing projects just selected from the fiscal year 2022 with more than $87 million in funding span 18 states and Washington, D.C. These projects are meant to drive innovation in technology and materials development for electric vehicles, as well as create new concepts to lower emissions associated with off-road vehicles, rail and maritime transportation, and develop novel solutions to deploying clean mobility options in underserved communities. The DOE says that the selected projects will “grow the nation’s clean energy workforce and allow more Americans to lead this critical work through good-paying union jobs.”

Among the selected projects are “multiple projects” that should create charging solutions for those without home charging by developing innovative approaches, tools and outreach for people lacking access to dedicated residential charging options. Clean energy plans have also been funded for underserved communities in 13 projects with location organisations.  Targeted clean energy solutions will also be deployed with 10 projects in conjunction with Clean Cities coalitions.

Off-road and non-road vehicles are the subjects of multiple projects that will research, develop and validate charging solutions for electric vehicles in agriculture or aviation solutions. Training for workers transitioning to the clean energy workforce is also the focus of a spate of projects funded by the DOE.

This year has seen an enormous surge in government focus on electric vehicles in the USA. At the same time, this has provided increased competition for international expertise and resources. The negotiations between the EU and the USA on planned agreements on critical materials for EVs are taking longer than expected and will likely continue well into the summer.



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