May 24, 2023 - 01:43 pm

Stores in Spain and Belgium to join Ikea’s growing charging network

Ikea has announced plans to install hundreds of new electric vehicle charge points at its stores in Spain and Belgium. In Spain, the furniture retailer has commissioned Acciona Energia, an energy company, with the installation. In Belgium, Allego scored the job.

In Spain, Ikea expects Acciona to install 567 charging stations across 16 locations. Of these, 475 charge points are expected to be operational by the end of this year, with the remaining set to be operational by 2026.

Acciona Energia will be responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance, and renewable energy supply of the charging stations. The company will ensure that renewable energy sources fully power the charging infrastructure.

In Belgium, Allego has been awarded the contract by Ikea to equip all eight stores in the country with EV charging infrastructure. Depending on the size of each location, approximately 20 to 30 public AC charging points and four to six HPC (High Power Charging) connections will be installed. In addition, Allego will establish separate charging hubs for Ikea employees and suppliers.

In both countries, the charging infrastructure will consist of AC and DC chargers. While most charging stations will be accessible to Ikea customers, approximately 30 per cent will be reserved for suppliers and the company’s fleet. It is a strategy the furniture retailer has followed globally for some time. In April, Ikea and Mer announced investing £4.5 mn in the UK and Ireland to build nearly 200 charging stations servicing the company’s fleet of last-mile delivery EVs.

Ikea targets having 60 per cent of its deliveries powered by electric vehicles by the summer of 2023 and all deliveries from 2025. The home furnishing retailer has set global goals like this also through initiatives like the EV100+ pledge to decarbonise its operations worldwide.,


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