LG Electronics launches EV charger suite

It is official – LG Electronics is entering the EV charging business. After the move leaked earlier this year in March, the South Korean company presented a new product portfolio comprising four models.

LG Electronics launched two AC chargers delivering 7 kW as wall boxes or charging pillars. Two DC stations are capable of outputting 100 and 200 kW of power. Production is set in Pyeongtaek, about 60 kilometres south of Seoul, and has already begun under HiEV Charger, formerly AppleMango.

LG Electronics acquired AppleMango, a South Korean manufacturer of EV chargers, last year reportedly and now markets the solutions under the new label.

LG lists convenient installation, a slim design, safety features such as water- and dust resistance, and electrical and thermal protection among the product attributes.

Manufacturing happens on a smartphone production line previously used by the mobile division that was converted for chargers in the LG Digital Park.

By combining its know-how and technical prowess from the B2C and B2B sectors, LG expects to be able to manufacture and cater to a range of customers, from homes to office buildings and other commercial facilities.

LG is also currently planning EV charging product launches and related collaborations in countries worldwide but has not disclosed specific markets or a timeline.



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