VinFast scores major order from Sun Taxi

The Vietnamese electric car manufacturer VinFast has received a large order in its home country. Sun Taxi orders 3,000 units of the VF 5 Plus electric car, which are to be delivered successively until 2025. Sun Taxi will use the electric cars in a number of cities and provinces in Vietnam.

The VF 5 is VinFast’s smallest electric model to date. The manufacturer unveiled five electric vehicle models in January 2022 and started deliveries with the two large models, VF 8 and VF 9, later in the year. The first units of the VF 5 Plus were delivered to customers in Vietnam in April 2023.

The VF 5 Plus is an A-segment SUV and has an e-motor with 100 kW of power and a maximum of 135 Nm of torque. The battery has an energy content of 37.2 kWh, which should result in a range of 300 kilometres in the outdated NEDC. There are no more specific details about a special charging concept for taxi use, neither in the announcement nor in local media reports.

What is remarkable, however, is the size of the order: according to reports, Sun Taxi currently operates a fleet of 2,900 vehicles in 17 cities and provinces. Not all of these are likely to be retired by the time the ordered VF 5 Plus are delivered by 2025. (in Vietnamese)


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