VinFast presents five BEVs at the CES

VinFast presented five electric car models at the CES in Las Vegas. The electric cars are called VF 5, VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9. However, not all models are new, in some cases, only the name has been updated.

The VF 8 and VF 9 are already partly known: Previously, the electric SUVs were called VF e35 and VF e36. There is a simple reason for the disappearance of the “e” from the model designation: at the CES, VinFast also announced that it will cease production of the previous combustion engine models (partly based on BMW technology) at the end of 2022 – a distinction between electric and petrol engines will then no longer be necessary. It is also not the first renaming of the models: when VinFast first gave details of its electric SUV in January 2021, the vehicles were still called VF31, VF32 and VF33.

The model logic is now quite simple: the VF 5 is the smallest model in the A segment, the VF 6 in the B segment and so on. The VF 9 is therefore the largest model in the E segment. The VF 8 and VF 9 were still introduced under their old designation at the LA Auto Show in November, and their rather conventional design is well known. The three smaller models, which are to follow at a later date, have now been shown for the first time – and stand out with their clearly more extroverted design. VinFast offers a ten-year warranty or 200,000 kilometres on all five models.

The VF 8 is 4.75 metres long and has an electric all-wheel-drive with 300 kW power. There is no information on the size of the battery yet, but the range is supposed to be 504 kilometres. The VF 9 is 5.12 metres long (wheelbase 3.15 metres) and uses the same 300 kW all-wheel drive with two electric motors. Its battery is disproportionately larger with 106 kWh (for a range of 550 kilometres).

The prices for the VF 8 and VF 9, both of which are to be launched on the market in 2022, have now been published and VinFast is already accepting pre-orders. In the basic ‘Eco’ version, the VF 8 costs $41,000 / €36,133 for the Eco and from $48,000 / €42,669 for the Plus. In addition, there is a monthly battery leasing fee of 120 euros. The VF 9 ‘Eco’ costs $56,000 / €49,280 for the Eco and from $61,000 / €53,413 for the Plus, in addition to a monthly battery lease of 150 euros for the larger model. Prices are before applicable subsidies or taxes.

VinFast boss Le Thi Thu Thuy says that the vehicles can be offered at a much lower price thanks to battery leasing. The VF 8 in the D segment is supposed to compete with the Tesla Model Y, for example, and the VF 9 in the E segment with the Model X. In addition, according to Thuy, the financial security for the customer should increase: VinFast will replace a broken battery at its own expense – even if the capacity falls below 70 per cent of the new value.

But the big problem is that only 500 kilometres are included in the monthly battery rate. In the ‘Flexible’ tariff, additional charges are made from the 501st kilometre onwards, or the customer books a more expensive ‘Fixed’ package with no monthly limit. VinFast does not yet mention prices for this in the announcement. It only says that the monthly costs should be close to the costs for a comparable petrol car.

Those who order this month will get some perks as part of a membership programme called ‘Pioneer’s Gratitude to Pioneers’. When reserving a VF 8, there is a voucher worth 2,500 euros, for the VF 9 even 4,500 euros. In addition, there is a free mobile charger and a luxury holiday in Vietnam.

It is not yet known if and when the smaller models will be launched.

As reported, VinFast is planning a factory for electric cars and electric buses in Germany as well as a battery factory and electric vehicle production in the USA.,


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